Compliance and Regulatory Support

It can be easy to point fingers when it comes to who should be responsible for combating digital ad fraud, but when it comes to your web assets, the buck ultimately stops with you.

It is true that publishers, platforms, brands, agencies, and compliance and regulatory bodies all have a role to play in monitoring and stopping ad fraud, but organizations such as yours will always be the leaders when it comes to driving change. This is why it is imperative that the ad fraud detection solution that you select is not only contributing to the demise of fraudulent traffic but is also supporting and complying with leading regulatory bodies and advertising associations.

Here are some key endorsements or certification programs that should be on your must-have list when you’re vetting potential partners:

  • Support for TCPA compliance: Does the ad fraud detection solution effectively vet leads down to the individual user level before your organization picks up the phone to call a potential customer?
  • Participation in the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Certified Against Fraud Program: Is the partner certified against fraud by a third party such as TAG? 
  • Understanding of the Media Rating Council’s Ad Verification Guidelines: Are the acceptable methods and practices for conducting digital ad verification services in place?

Ultimately, your organization needs to be constantly screening traffic through an ad fraud detection solution to have the best chance of ensuring that only real, legitimate people are filling out your forms or clicking through to your web assets. This will not only allow your organization to effectively refine your ad campaigns, but it will also minimize your chances of falling out of compliance.

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