Get a Return on Your Investment

Ever feel like your advertising campaigns are fighting for your business with one hand tied behind their back? That’s probably because most are; about 25 percent of traffic coming into your site is fraudulent, dragging down your conversion rate and wasting your ad budget.

It’s easy to think, “Oh, that 25 percent statistic doesn’t include my organization,” or, “My current marketing platform is robust enough to catch ad fraud.” But how sure are you? Are you really getting a solid return on your investment in your current ad fraud detection solution and getting the biggest bang for each marketing buck you spend.

One of the best ways to determine how much ad fraud could be costing you is to take a look at an ad fraud calculator.

Access Ad Fraud Calculator

Don’t like what you’re seeing? Don’t worry. There are tools out there that can help, like Anura, which is tuned by engineers with decades of experience, delivering virtually no false positives and capable of processing billions of requests each day.

More Than the Sticker Price

Of course, there is more to picking the right ad fraud detection solution than just how it affects your balance sheet. Here are some other criteria to keep in mind when evaluating your options to find the best of the breed when it comes to tackling ad fraud:

  • What levels of customer support are available?
  • How accurate is the platform when it comes to identifying bots, bogus clicks, and other fraudulent activity? 
  • What level of confidence is given for each determination of valid and fraudulent traffic?
  • How often are databases and analytical tools updated to reflect recent trends in global traffic?
  • How quickly can the platform make a decision on the validity of incoming traffic?
  • What is the company’s track record when it comes to actually rooting out ad fraud?
  • What tools, documentation, integration guides, and other quick-start resources are available to help you achieve maximum performance?

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that your organization is not selecting just an ad fraud detection solution, but also a partner that can add value to your business by helping to refine your ad campaigns.

“Aided by S.F Solutions, QuinStreet was able to apply existing brand spend more productively; conversions increased 20-25 percent with no change in budget allocation. This led to further increases in QuinStreet’s branded wallet share.”

– Marty Collins, QuinStreet