Hello Friends;

Today I am going to share with you a true story of a person; who left a permanent government job;
He says:

In the case of a job loss, his financial condition deteriorated, he did not have enough funds to survive a day. Electricity and gas bills could not be paid and his owner of the house sent him a notice to leave the house in a month.  To escape that embarrassing time. He thought of earning some money for survival; He thought of what he could do in the meantime?

His mind suggested:


he said to himself that: you have taught in various academies including a University, as a visiting lecture about 2 years, why don’t you go and teach online or offline? Either make an online course at (Udemy, Skillshare, Ruzuku, and Teachable) or give classes using (Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, WizIQ, etc.)? Suddenly a big No sign flashed in front of him. He could not wait months for the return to appear.

The mind started looking for other ways towards the solution.


The thought came, you have good experience and exposure of web programming and you have also worked for a US-based company in Chicago name was “Caxy Interactive; recognized as a Top Chicago Developer” and also worked, as an international System of (affiliate Network) called “eZanga.com Inc” in Middletown, DE with high-level professionals also, to a lovely couple “Rich and Beth Kahn”, So why do you become confused? Why don’t you go and try online Freelancing services? It was a good idea.

 I was still confused as I had never got any experience in freelancing: I never got freelancing experience; I never worked like that way?  A positive hint came flying words with the wind; as my father always told SON:   “Learn everything in your field, be an Expert!” sharpen, mind gave a hint, don’t worry, learn it via Google and YouTube first then try it. And then,

I googled the keyword “Freelancing online” list of suggestions came with;

I researched each of the options in great detail until the point where I was confident enough to create an account.

While creating an account in the “Form”, I looked at the respective fields’ i.e. First name, Second name, email, password, etc.

In the ‘first name’ field, I added Muhammad but suddenly something stopped me.

I recalled how my previous employers were reluctant to give positive and engaging feedback.

They had always made excuses. It may have been because of my name and religion to filling the form data… in surprising way mind grabbed a thought “Don’t you recall the history, when you were working in USA based company, you requested many times to your managerial staff, to give engaging comments on your “LinkedIn” profile, about your work experience” but they always made lame excuses with a positive way for it, without any rational reason?   accordingly, I doubt that Maybe the first name starting with ‘Muhammad” and you are a “Muslim, especially from Underdevelop countries”, due to that your profile will be ignored by many European Employers due to the various reason i.e. religious point of view or might be the sake of in interests of their nationalism, etc. HUH!

Suddenly flushed all the thoughts and light opened as; why don`t you choose the name as “Prophet Hazrat Dawud a.s.” as you know David’s narrative in the Holy Quran and it is a common term between Muslim and other religion. Along with that verse came of Holy book: 64th verse of chapter 3 (sūrat āl ʿim’rān)

That,   “O People of the Scripture! Come to common terms as between you and us. “
Without wasting time, I added in the first name field as “David” and second field’s last name chose as my birthplace name “Nirchh”. YAHOO! Finally, confusion resolved and the account created successfully. 

I added technologies in my profile where I was a/an Guru/Expert then after inspection of high catching profiles along with who had gotten “Five stars *****” reviews or comments from clients at their profiles.

I also drafted my profile as shown below… – Along with about me and my Strongest area furthermore, How I will go with customers in future, therefore, I added “some extra lines about new businesses those who are in under pressure financially to support them freely,” as I was accustomed to the real pain of financial poverty, at those movements I left-hand writing draft about my profile more ingredients to be filled i.e. credit card information, address, degree details, etc. 

Moving forward to the systems` platform’s search box and tried to find jobs or some work that I can accomplish right now and have some money.   As I selected certain jobs and clicked and read each thing about the requirement of respective employers after the full elicitation first day, I submitted very calculated proposals to the employers. I did not copy-paste anything. After the submissions, I realized that I had not received any bids reply from the jobs I opted for. 

Do we know the boundaries of each Freelancing Systems? 

Due to limited bids along with constraints of 2 months of period, free bids will be assigned by the system to the newcomer, and then will be stopped and after that had to be purchased more extra bids by the organization according to system’s terms and conditions.

Anyway, after wasting five days and submitting many requests, I stopped.
ON the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), I did not open my personnel computer and went outside to roam. But thoughts were in progress while driving the vehicle alone, towards THE SEAVIEW …

I found a place where no one could disturb me! It is one of the nicest natural attractions while watching the surface of Water where waves appeared relatively “calm”; along with the gentle pleasant sound of water as it moves. Once again seriously asked; why type of Questions as Simon Sinek presents the idea in his book: “Start with Why” created waves of discussion and revolutionary philosophies went around in thought process…

Why no one is replying to me? Are these fake jobs, generated by robotic systems to fascinate engaged more traffic?

–          Whether I should leave the approaching international market? Or should I continue?

–          Either try to find any local job, tuition, etc.? Or borrow some money to push this crucial time? While thinking; a thought came of a book in mind.  By “Waheed-Din-Khan”, as a book name called “Kitaby Zindgi” In that book; the whole story and conclusion summary were about that, “Never blame to others, for your failures”. I stopped immediately to think about additional ways to find a solution and tried to focus on “What and where” am I doing wrong? And then seconds went into minutes; and minutes into the hours; reached on the point that: “problem is with my process of acting on the things”, not the other`s including systems faulty ways; I earlier was thinking… consequently, I needed more research and specific literature on the topic…

  • After a literature review on my Tablet online specifically about best practices of high profile people and read all the articles and system`s suggestions to be at the topmost service provider and Eye-catching techniques once again deeply.
    “And promised to change and follow the bellow things; onward and upward”
  • Worked on that, I changed my working hours from day to night session with standard time zones according to each country.
  • –        Added the address and rest required things in my profile. whatever was possible besides credit card information (because I had not yet the Card).
  • –          I tried to read more books/articles; where I can write standard & Eye-catching Cover Letter content where at least customers ought to give a reply.
  • –          Only will apply to those jobs, which arose no more than 60 minutes.
  • – Always in gigs/bids will send some hints of solutions according to the customer’s problem in additional details; so he might be making sure that I read and understand the job too, also will include certain similar work, which I had done before adding as an example for references in the attachments in additional details.
  • –    I only will try to approach jobs where I would be sure I could complete easily that task within the specified time period.
  • And made different Cover Letter templates; according to the requirement of the customer’s problem to avoid repeatedly send the same copy-pasted material.

While making my work standards and policies Napoleon Hill`s book “Think and Grow Rich” sentences flashed “You are the master of your destiny you can influence, direct and control your environment, you can make your life achieving your strong desire and dreams with consistency, not with the intensity” and mind went into silent mode till reaching back to the house. 

After that, on the Monday evening in the local time Zone; searched and found some error types of tasks which were urgent and temporary task also checked before applying on tasks, how many have been applied already on it? It should be no more than 5 persons.

Before going further. Why is the cover letter so important?

One of the main factors to land a job on any freelancing platform is the cover letter sent with your job proposal/application.

One of the main factors to land a job on any freelancing platform is the cover letter sent with your job proposal/application.

The cover letter is your application for employment. In this letter, you introduce yourself, mention your experience (if you have any), and try convincing the employer that you are the person for the job.

Now, after applying all the above strategies customer gave me a reply to each request of my bid/gig within hours, anyway, after discussion with a customer he asked that I have a simple script

which shows many errors so I replied it’s okay I can do it easily after submitting old work references, so he assigned me the task WOW!

My first task

My first customer told me that he can’t give source code and FTP credentials, so please connect remotely asked customer, he shows me many distributed API of his clients. He wants to fetch data from other countries’ servers based on AJAX call, after wasting four hours remotely on his machine, I  couldn’t find any clue because I didn’t have access to his customers’ machines I requested him just give me that one file it is getting late remotely, he agreed and gave me access. I checked locally all and all. Code logics found code syntax correct but code had semantics error I resolved them and asked him back up the file and replace my updated code.

HRUH! The code worked and produced results. After that, although they took me in a group call based all and sundry, asked distinct questions after accomplishing the task and I realized that team is in USA based it was the software house. Anyway completed my first JOB with five stars with the below comments after consuming two days of what customer added comments on my profile with 5 stars.

On the second JOB;

I  applied on SEO task, because of SEO is very simple everyone can do easily without deep knowledge of algorithms based on logic due to five star on first task 2nd job of  SEO I got very easily client gave me a PDF report; in the report; ranking points were 46 out of 100, the ranking was based on GOOGLE and ALEXA customers’  and the domain was 2.5 years old, It was e-commerce based business in CHILE and customer had only two transactions in whole 2.5 years and I revealed later those both transactions were from his friend and relatives ,  And also no one knew his online service about his products in next street before doing complete SEO by me.

Anyway, I started working on each point one by one. And reached the point between 90 to 100, on January 30, 2018. 

And after reaching the above points in the second month. The website traffic increased doubled but you know this is not a big achievement, everyone can get paid traffic using digital marketing i.e. PPC (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Email, SMS, and distinct campaigns, etc.), apart from SEO implementing. We know SEO is far behind the paid campaigns. In the first month traffics produced a huge,  Check the bellow transactions from the 2nd month of February 2018 first?

$0 to $3, 38,144 NET SALE, in the first month and Gross SALE reached $4,02,391 WAO, I got first deposit bonus  . And the client was very happy,  But hold on, the story is not finished yet. …  

Exported; Excel sheet green bar shows the SEO work is in progress…

In first-month clients’ comments.

Did you notice in the third month of March 2018? The net sale went up to $25,49,2,400 and Gross Sale

$30,33,5,956 OMG – Oh My God!


I Could not believe a simple SEO technique can increase sales to 10 digits amount, And got 2nd free bonus. Read the client’s feedback and comments as shown below. How Mr. Excellent become “My Hero” after 3rd-month revenue.

And did you recall the SEO report was initially assigned me by the 2nd customer?

 Please keep that report in your brain. because a problem occurs when SEO report I want to generate for my other customers but unfortunately, after generating a report I realized it was a paid service. I tried to get a free demo but could not succeed in it. So that report is the next target to be achieved and make my free service for every new SEO GUYS because my expertise is in programming rather than Search Engine Optimization.

Anyways; last but not least, I got my good amount in my “Earnings by Client” in the 2nd task with bonus amounts’ therefore, now; I want to know which the best withdrawal method is for my country? After googling and using quora.com founded the solution. “Payoneer card is the best, cheap and quicker than that of others. You can get the payment within 30 minutes.  And it is free to get a card initially at your home. Only you had to confirm your identity to the Payoneer customer service. I got it at my next-door”

WAO; eventually, I enjoyed my first amount with my family and friends.


The movie starts from here above was the teller; and do you want a free bonus also, as I got twice? Why because I want you. To become the next HERO for other businesses or other needy people’, as I became for my needy customer.  

I’m the experienced one. How this will help the new people who don’t know anything about SEO. so I thought first to make SEO tutorials but you know every year most of the top search engines like Google and the rest make new laws and regulations for ranking the website’s traffic. My SEO tutorial will not be applicable after a few years. Thus I thought to make the identical web service (which I got the one PDF report by my 2nd client for SEO achieving points, remember?)  So, I tried to do the R&D (Research and development) to achieve the same service step by step. I labeled it with “SEO FREQUENCY”. I worked on it days and nights without boundless of 9 to 5 jobs sometimes till the 3 am or 4 am of nights on Saturdays & Sundays.

Why do I need the SEO FREQUENCY because jobless candidates have two types of categories Technical and Non-Technical?

1st The technical person: Who knows the technology. And how to do the SEO of any website utilizing the “SEO FREQUENCY” for his website or his customers, or has to co-ordinate with the non-technical.

2nd The Non-Technical person: Who knows how to hunt the market to get customers using “SEO FREQUENCY” (PDF, Reports). But this person has to co-ordinate with the technical person.

=> Both the Non-Technical and Technical has to be an expert/specialist in their field. They both need to be developed the Reading Habit along with (learn it anyway)

A journey of Non-Technical and Technical

I’m pretty sure you will reach one day to the final destination to “Give back to the society” So, we are the Volunteers including me join us.






Become an expert is not a tricky business; from afar, it looks like a gold mine waiting to be discovered. But if you follow up on this path and experience it for yourself, you’ll realize that getting clients to work with you as a beginner is not an extremely grueling job.

About a year ago, I was as confused as most of you are right now. No one helped me out at that time, and the only thing that kept me going was my passion and a compulsion to cope with a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself. Fortunately, after many trials and misfortunes, I made it into the industry on my own.

But every month, hundreds of unlucky freelancers quit the industry as they have no one to guide them.

My website and YouTube channel are my struggles to benefit those people and leave a positive mark on online businesses. 

If you still have any confusion or need comprehensive answers for yourself. You can email me through the contact page of my website.

If you still haven’t get in touch? Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel as I have lots of content planned out for freelance SEO jobs. 

To conclude,

I hope this story lets you provoke your career (or excel and promote). And you always remember me lovingly as a good fellow.

All the best!

With best regards,

David Nirchh

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