Identify the Need for Ad Fraud Detection

It doesn’t make any difference whether fraudulent traffic comes into your web assets in the form of views, clicks, or form submissions—fraud is fraud. Your marketing dollars are being siphoned away, and your campaign performance drags.

No matter your industry, your target audience, or the type or reach of your ad campaign, your organization needs a solution that is able to definitively validate users in real time. Without this ability, organizations can easily find themselves suffering under the burden of low ad campaign performance and lackluster marketing results.

Some of the common signs that your ad campaign may be dragging due to fraudulent traffic include:

  • A high number of impressions or clicks with low conversion rates or high bounce rates
  • Poor inbound leads coming from form submissions or outreach campaigns
  • Customer charge-backs or complaints
  • Anomalies in ad campaign data or visitor traffic
  • Issues with maintaining compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

Whether your organization is already experiencing the negative effects of ad fraud or you just want to focus on running your business rather than running down malicious traffic, investing in a best-of-breed ad fraud detection solution may be just what your organization needs.

“We went from more than 15 percent fraud to less than 3 percent in a matter of days. That was 20 months ago, and we haven’t looked back.”

– Penny Lee, BriteBox LLC