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why guest posting is important in SEO, how do you do it, and what should you know about it?


If you’re a webmaster/blogger and you’re not completely happy with the level of traffic being driven to your site, you need to ask yourself a simple question – is it worth investing more time in guest posting?

The simple definition of guest blogging is pretty straightforward i.e. posting on another person’s blog as a guest. You contribute content to someone’s blog and in return, you get an external backlink to your own blog and wider exposure.

Guest blogging is about building relationships. You’re networking with other bloggers and making new connections which might prove useful later on down the line. Guest blogging introduces you to a new audience. By essentially tapping into the host blog’s audience you are making a pitch to an already established community ready to hear what you have to say.

If you’re adding value to their reading experience, then they’re likely to head over to your blog to check out your other content. A big focus of guest blogging is on the next, third point, but the effect of actual click-throughs to your blog shouldn’t be neglected.

Here are the seven best ways to find guest blogging opportunities. To get your list started:

  1. Google Search Operators
  2. Prolific Guest Bloggers
  3. Competitor Backlinks
  4. Social Searches
  5. Target Guest Post Sites
  6. Buy Them (from a trusted vendor)
  7. Join (+ contribute) to online communities

You need to find a blog that will host you. There are a few ways you might want to do this. There are some sites out there that actively list blogs which are up for guest posting. However, the links can be unreliable. Moreover, you might not be getting the quality hosting that you’re truly aiming for.

How long should a guest post be?
Guest posts that go viral are often in the 1000-1500 word range. Long enough to make a point, but not so long that people get bored. Long enough to agree or disagree with and share on social, but not so short that you feel cheated by a catchy headline.

Is guest posting safe in SEO?
Not all blogs are what they seem, so it might be worth using a website called the Wayback Machine, which can check out a domain’s history. Other than that, guest posting is a pretty safe and surefire way to boost your rankings and gain new audiences, so happy hunting!

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